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Updated: Sep 27, 2023

As simple as the press may look on the outside, it is indeed a very technical movement whose success stands and falls with the ability to keep the bar path vertical. As we know, a weight feels the lightest when it is moved in a straight path.

Following through on the press means that pressure has to be applied upwards into the bar for the entire duration of the motion.

Like in all other barbell movements taught at Strong For Life, we must NOT lose patience if the bar doesn’t get going right away when the press is initiated. It takes time for force to build up – albeit it has to within a very short time, as we do not have forever to complete a rep.

The follow-through happens in conjunction with the backward-leaned posture of the trunk.

Picture it this way: get away from the bar as quickly as possible by leaning back – and keep applying pressure in a vertical line simultaneously until there’s no tomorrow. This is the follow-through.

The most efficient way to prepare the follow-through is to tighten your grip as you unrack the bar.

If you keep this tightness throughout the walkout and initiation of the first rep – and eventually the follow-through - you win.

A tighter grip means less oscillation of the bar. You reduce the “wobble”, basically. This increases the likelihood of a vertical bar path, which is equivalent to a strong follow-through and lockout.

You get the concept.

Now go figure.

A strong press is something quite rare.

Hence making it so appealing.

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