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Things that make an instant impact are great. We love them in our gym.

Below is a cue I have found terribly useful for enhancing the press straight away. And when I say straight away, I mean RIGHT NOW!

First, let’s take a little excursion to the mechanics of the press:

In the initial phase, the prime movement is what we call shoulder flexion. That is, the shoulder joint is moved upwards to start raising the arm overhead. The anterior deltoids and upper parts of the pectoralis major are the major movers in this phase. This phase lasts roughly until the point where the bar is in line with the top of our head.

From this moment on, the triceps take over the function of the prime movers. They shovel the bar to lockout with a movement called elbow extension. As such, their importance increases exponentially in this second phase of the lift.

In order to maximally fire the triceps and get the bar to lockout as quickly as possible, think of locking out your elbows similar to a skull crusher movement.

Imagine you break the bar with both your hands like a pretzel stick - ramming your grip and forearms up into the ceiling.

Visualise this movement between your warm-up sets. I have found this very helpful in creating a mental image of it.

Apply it and let me know how it goes.

Simple things, as we know, are best.

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