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It's now or never. The time of hesitation is over.

Whether we like it or not, physical strength is the most important thing for keeping our body resilient until the last day of our life.

Health across the globe has barely improved over the last decades. Stress levels are around ten times higher than in our ancestors; rates of the top ten killer of men and women are higher than ever before; and the mounting pressure to provide for a living has soared - placing an even stronger burden on our capacity to deal with stress and buffer its negative consequences on our health.

It is high time to take our health into our own hands. No doctor, no therapist, no guru, no COACH is going to do it for us.

WE are the ones who have to take things by the scruff of the neck and get strong as possible before it is over with. I am being serious.

WE are the ones who set priorities:

Getting as strong as possible- or slowly decaying into physical uselessness?

WE decide whether we want to live a better and more productive life through the acquisition of strength - or whether we want our body to break at the impact of a sneeze.

The gravity of the situation is that strength is the NUMBER ONE physical predictor of how long we're going to live. This is an undoubted fact. Stronger people are simply better at staying alive.

Time for a re-think?

I hope you answer the call.

Your strength needs you.

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