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If you are interested in a process that gives you rapid, quantifiable, and long-lasting results, strength training is for you.

It is highly satisfying to engage in a process in which you start at a clear, quantifiable point A, and end up at a clear, quantifiable point B.

This is one of the core featuers of strength training. Now all you need to do is put in the work to get from A to B.

Here are five major reasons why strength training is as impactful, long-lasting, as well as rewarding of a process as it gets:


Things in our training are too often overcomplicated. A new program every six weeks, a new training fad that has just come on the market, a ‘new, unexplored’ method that promises you to turn you into Arnold overnight. Yet, we haven’t even given ourselves the chance to explore the first program.

Too much variety in the assumption that we need constant changing and chopping of our exercises and workouts to keep our body and mind 'stimulated' ALWAYS comes at the cost of effectiveness.

EXERCISE is about turning up at a class, moving our body, sweating, and having the feeling of “having done something” when the class finishes.

Strength training is about mastery, about becoming highly skilled at a selected number of barbell lifts that give immediate and substantial outcomes.

Effectiveness and simplicity always trump variety.


Immediately improving our technique and increasing the weight we put on the bar keeps training motivation high, much more than trying out a new piece of equipment every other workout.

When WE see the progress, we are more likely to stick to what we’re doing. Success becomes a habit, and strength training provides just that: we witness how our form gets better, how all of a sudden we’ve added an extra 30kg to the bar which we never thought was possible – and how suddenly our perception about ourselves and what we’re capable of changes.


No other form of training allows us to make such clear, visible progress other than strength training. The weight on the bar is increasing in a linear fashion during the first 6-12 months. This builds confidence and trust in the process.

Doubling our deadlift within half a year is a clear target we can set, in which everything involved the process is set out in a clear way that is easy to monitor and follow.


Strength training is about needing to control as few variables as possible. The fewer the variables, the easier they are to monitor. The more control we have over something, the more we feel in charge of the situation, and the greater the sense of ownership we have over the outcome.

WE are fully responsible for the increases in weight on the bar. Taking responsibility means having no excuses for what happens along the way.


We have just mastered something. How do we know we got there? How do we know WHAT got us there? Can we identify the steps we have taken along the process that have made us successful?

The strength training process is simple and straightforward:

Train 3-4x per week, add weight to the bar from workout to workout, eat at maintenance or in a caloric surplus, sleep 6-8h per night – and – GUARANTEEED – you get stronger. A process solely controlled by YOU.

If all of this resonates with you, you are in the right place.

Now get in touch, and let’s start your strength training journey together.

I look forward to seeing you getting stronger.

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